The Institution has central clinical laboratory . The laboratory provides round the clock diagnostic services. The services of the laboratory are delivered by three department
1. Biochemistry
2. Pathology
3. Microbiology
The collection of sample is done by collabration of all the above departments, in a single common collection centre with a single track. for convenience of patients the collection centre is situated in OPD buildings.


Laboratory Diagnostic Services

I) Pathalogy


Total WBC Count
Differential WBC Count
Platelet Count
Blood Cell Indices
Parastie Examination in blood
Typing of Aneva
Typing of Leukaema
Erythrocyte sedimentation rate
Pack cell volume
Urine Examinaion
Semen Examination
Pregnency Test The above investigation are done on fully automated machine and confirmed manually too.



Diagnostic tests available in the Biochemistry section of central clinical laboratory are as follows.

1) Serum chemistry (Blood/Serum/Plasma)

a)Blood sugar level (Fashing/Post-meal/Random)
b)Blood Urea
c)Serum Creatinine
d)Serum Total protein and Albumin
e)Serum SGDT, SGPT (ALT & AST)
f)Serun Lipid profile – Cholesterol, HDL, LDL, TG
g)Serum Electrolytes – Na+, K+, iCa++, CI-

2)Urine – Protein, Suger

3)Other Body Fluids

All the tests are done on semi-automated analyzer instruments and manually as and when required.