Clinicians, Academicians and Researchers should know about joy of conducting a good quality research with pure aim of helping mankind. SBHGMC provides a well equipped central research laboratory to promote skills, attitude and research knowledge to facilitate this instrests. Active participation of each department helps in organizing various research projects. ICMR projects are conducted here which has contributed significantly in medical research.



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List of Ongoing Research Projects


1)  Rapid detection of microBacterium tuberculosis by Genexpert
2)  Trends in MDR tuberculosis
3)  Early diagnosis of HIV in infants using dried blood spot
4)  Study of Laboratory parameters in clinically suspected dengue cases
5)  Association of CD4 count with opportunistic infections in HIV positive patients
6)  Swine flu diagnosis in ARDS patients
7)  Study of basal physiological parameters of 10th standard students in Dhule
8)  Case report & family study of Hemoglobin E Beta + thalasemia
9)  Sectrum of Hemoglobinopathies diagnosed by HPLC high prevalence area
10)  Hemoglobin pattern in sickle cell hemoglobinopathies