Department of Anatomy

Anatomy as a Basic Science taught in I st year
- I st MBBS
- I st GNM/Nursing
- I st BPMT

• Gross Anatomy - by Dissection
• Histology - by slide demo
• Development of Body - as an Embryology
• Genetics
• Radiology & Living Anatomy
• Bioethics
• Clinical Anatomy
For Tenure of 1 Year under M.U.H.S.


1] Teaching - The broad goal of the teaching of undergraduate students in Anatomy aims and development of human body to provide a basis for understanding the clinical correlation of organs or structures involved and the anatomical basis for the disease presentations.
2] Social Awareness Program - Body Donation with the help of social organization and NGO
3] Medico-legal cases- By providing expert opinion in medicolegal cases..


• Starting post-graduate courses in anatomy
• Genetics:-Starting OPD for genetic counseling, well equipped laboratory for diagnosis
• plastination
• bone bank with comparative anatomical study
• introducing use of ULTRASONOGRAPHY and ENDOSCOPY for teaching normal anatomy