Department of Pathology

Pathology deals with the scientific study of diseases. Pathology is paraclinical subject but the backbone of healthcare which provides proper and timely accurate diagnosis to the clinicians.

The department of Pathology, SBH Govt. Medical College, Dhule is constantly engaged in diagnostic work for the needy and poor patients of the Khandesh region along with the quality education for the second year MBBS Students, DPB, PGDMLT, BPMT students for the understanding of the pathology as per scientific basis.
• Diagnostic work under CCL, Hematology lab, Cytology, Histopathology, and Autopsy work along with Blood bank with component work.
• Practical laboratories (morbid histology and hematology/clinical pathology) for teaching undergraduates and allied branches.
• Excellent and academically oriented teachers along with ethos of research work (Departmental staff has more than 51 publications in various international and national journals with contribution in international pathology website )
• Museum with more than 200 mounted and 150 unmounted specimens with charts and catalogues.
• All the labs equipped with instruments as per MSR of MCI guidelines.
Curriculum / Teaching
• As per MUHS and MCI/BOG guidelines – Competency based UG Curriculum under the headings of
• General pathology (with general neoplasia)
• Systemic pathology (with general neoplasia)
• Hematology
• Clinical pathology
• Autopsy
• Goal of teaching pathology is to provide undergraduate students comprehensive knowledge of the causes and mechanisms of disease, in order to enable them to achieve complete understanding of the natural history and clinical manifestations of the disease.
• Dr M.S.Vasaikar Associate Professor, attended and completed CISP-curriculum implementation support program (JMNC,Wardha) in March,2019 for faculty development as per new curriculum to be implemented from August,2019
• Dr S.S.Chavan Associate Professor, attended and completed LBC-liquid based cytology programme and various Sickle cell project meet.
• Dr D.B.Nikumbh Associate Professor, editorial board member of several international and national medical journals and reviewed more than 94 articles.
• Most of the faculty members of the department has completed MET and RMW workshops as per MUHS and MCI guidelines.
• Department of Pathology regularly contributes unusual and rare cases in the conference -MAPCON every year.