Department of Pharmacology


Pharmacology is a Para-Clinical subject included in the IInd year M. B. B. S. curriculum. The Department of Pharmacology plays a very important role in Medical Teaching via practical and theory classes. It is well equipped with excellent facilities and infrastructure having Research laboratory, Clinical Pharmacology unit and Experimental Pharmacology laboratory. As a part of the syllabus, students are also taught graph readings and prescription writing. Clinical problems are actively discussed.

Department of Pharmacology has fully functioning approved and registered Institutional Ethics Committee and Institutional Animal Ethics Committee.

The Central drug store as well as Dispensary function under department of Pharmacology.

Department of Pharmacology has its very rich collection of 225 medical books in the departmental library.

Develop a basic Indian Medical Graduate having sound knowledge of drugs to cater to National Health Needs and National Health Programmes.
1. To develop a postgraduate who can take up challenges in medical education, pharmaceutical industry, new drug development and research.
2. To establish a fully functional Pharmacovigilance Center.
1. To develop a basic Indian Medical Graduate having sound knowledge of drugs for the betterment and welfare of society.
2. To develop good and Rational prescribing skills.
3. To develop Problem solving and Decision making skills.
4. To develop Communication skills and self learning attitude.
5. To develop Professional Ethics
6. To develop Orientation to Research