Department of Physiology



       Physiology is a preclinical department which is functioning from the inception of this college initially under the Pune University, then North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon and presently under Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik. This department has always been actively participated in curricular, para-curricular and research activities. Physiology deals with functioning of cells and tissues.
       Physiology department is a full-fledged department in Shri Bhausaheb Hire Government Medical College which conducts quiz programs and student seminars on regular basis. The department is equipped to fulfill students need and make them well trained medical professionals.


As per the MUHS Nashik, available at


1) To provide comprehensive knowledge of organ systems of the body.
2) To understand physiological basis of health and diseases.

Educational Objectives:

1) At the end of course students will be able to describe the normal functions of all the organ systems, their regulatory mechanisms and interactions of various systems for well coordinated total body functions.
2) To understand the relative contribution of each organ system in homeostasis.
3) Explain the physiological aspect of normal growth and development.
4) Analyze the physiological responses and adaption to environmental stresses.
5) Comprehend the physiological principles, underlying pathogenesis and treatment of disease.
6) Correlate knowledge of physiology of human reproductive system in relation to national family welfare program.


At the end of course students should be able to
1) Conduct experiments designed for study of physiological phenomenon.
2) Interpret experimental / investigative data.
3) Distinguish normal and abnormal data derived as results of tests which he/she has preformed and observed in the laboratory.